Okay this morning I didn't have time to shower so I just knelt over the bathtub and washed my hair, resting my chest on a folded towel. When I stood up to brush my teeth, I noticed in the mirror that my new bra had a "wet" looking dot on each breast. Then I realized the dots were exactly where my nipples are. So I look inside my bra and see on the inside an even bigger wet-looking circle. It could be oil or wetness I don't know because it hasn't had enough time to dry yet. What is this and why is it coming out of my nipples? I thought maybe I squeezed it out of them when I smooshed my chest on the edge of the tub to wash my hair... :P

Background: This new bra I have worn 3 days in a row. I have always worn white/black bras. This new one is turquoise blue, so maybe I have always had this problem and just never noticed it on a white or black bra before. My chest is also very large if that makes a difference (D or DD depending on brand)

I am 22, and am currently at the very end of my period this month. I haven't had sex in at least a month, if not longer, but I can't remember. I am on birth control pills and have been since I was 19.

I am also under a tremendous amount of stress right now planning a last minute wedding, and my body is showing other signs of stress and fatigue.