Me and especially my mother are very worried about this problem. Few days ago my mother had sonography (ultrasound) test and the report said that my mother has Endometrial hyperplasia i.e. 12mm thick lining of uterus wall. Her age 68. She had menopause in 53 years of age. The gynecologist said that in this age thickness of the lining of her Uterus wall should be 1mm or so but this is too much and she should go for DNC in which a small part of her uterus will be taken and examined whether it has cancer or not. My mother is very worried about this. She doesn't want to have DNC done and doesn't want to have operation of uterus at all.

So kindly can anybody please tell me whether there is a cure for Endometrial hyperplasia with drugs only. Is removal of uterus harmful in anyway. What should we do. We only want her uterus cured through medication only. PLEASE TELL US THAT HOW MANY CASES OF ENDOMETRIAL HYPERLASIA ARE THERE IN THIS WORLD AND WHAT IS THE PERCENTAGE OF THESE WOMEN WHO Develop CANCER OF UTERUS.

Also my mother is very scared. So what should we do.

I'll be very thankful for who ever replies.