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    Jan 10, 2007, 09:45 AM
    Missed Period All Pregnancy Tests Negative!!
    I came off the pill back in November when I had my last period! As my husband and I hope to conceive. I was due a period on the 21st of December but no sign... I have done three tests all negative! I have also been to my doctor with no help!! I'm worried as I am having my wisdom teeth out by GA next week and wanted to know for sure if I was pregnant just in case there was any harm!
    My doctor didn't even discuss about a blood test, I have only found out by reading about it by reading on this site! All he said was that I should wait for my period to come...
    Please help! :confused:
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    Jan 10, 2007, 10:01 AM
    How long were you on the pill and how old are you?

    Also, when did you do the HPTs? It is important to do them first thing in the morning.

    If you are concerned about the GA, and as well you should be, you should request that your doc do a blood test.
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    Jan 10, 2007, 10:22 AM
    I would request a blood test since you are having your wisdom teeth removed. I too am late for my period, about three weeks. All urine pregnancy tests have come back negative. The doc said I missed ovulation which caused the missed period. Since my DH and I are trying to conceive the doc put me on meds to start my cycle back up. If you are not pregnant and still don't start your period you can request your doc to put you on meds for the same reason. It's a bit difficult to get pregnant when you don't have a cycle! Good luck!
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    Jan 10, 2007, 10:25 AM
    I agree that the blood test should be done to rule out pregnancy as general anesthesia (GA) can be dangerous to a pregnancy.
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    Jan 10, 2007, 10:25 AM
    I have been on the pill since I was 16. I came off it to have my son... I got pregnant in a week from coming off the pill. He was born in 2004 I am 25 next month! Because I got pregnant so quick with him it makes me a little worried! I was on the same pill than as I was a month ago. I have never had a problem before with my periods which I told the doctor!
    Like you said I think I should go back and see another doctor and request a blood test.

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