I was doing leg presses at the gym when I felt excruciating pain in my right lower back with pain that shot down my leg. I could barely walk but manage to make to my car and drive home. Needless to say the pain I experienced just from driving was horrific! I needed help getting out of the car when I got home. The pain almost unbearable! It hurt to sit, stand, or lay. I didn't sleep hardly all that night. I couldn't get any relief no matter how I laid. So I kept trying to find a position that didn't cause pain but the more I moved it would make it worse! I don't have health insurance and I am just moved here but I don't have a family doctor yet. It's day three and the pain has dulled a little at least I got some rest last night. But I thinks because I took two pain pills. I found sitting really stirs things up but standing and walking aren't much better! I do have a history of disc problems on my right lower back and my upper left side of my neck. I feel so helpless without having insurance because I'm afraid if it's serious then they will be running all these test but who's going to pay for it! But if I can bare with until it gets a little maybe my husband will get a job with medical insurance. I waited a year last time with my neck and back. But this time is even worse. I think I might blown my disc this! So I'm really don't know what to do. Can it hurt me physically if I wait to go to the doctor until we have insurance?