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    Apr 6, 2012, 02:18 PM
    Low to mid back pain with low grade fever for almost a week
    I have had lower-mid back pain with feeling of pressure in pelvic area (no pain) and fevers and chills for the last 7 days. They have done ultrasound of bladder and kidneys and cannot find anything. It is definitely worse when I am working. I have to take 2 extra strength every 4 hours or the pain becomes unbearable. At home I try to stretch it and take less pain pills and rest with a heat pad on my back. Sometimes I feel nausea also. I am feeling good when I have my pain pills and can eat something then.

    I had the tvt. Transvaginal tape sling for urinary incontinence 3 years ago without any problmes. I don't have a bladder infection but my white blood cell count is up. I will make an appointment with a gynecologist next I guess

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