Ok I have an irregular period for the most part (irregular in legnth of time, not flow). Lately it has been coming around the 20th but yesterday I noticed some very light pink fluid on my toilet paper. After that, there was no other sign of blood. I have had concerns about pregnancy and I am sexually active although I am not on birth control (stupid I know). I've had some risks and chances of pregnancy although very low ones... if my period did come every 30 days then I shouldn't even be expecting anything for another 4 days... also usually my breasts get sore a few days before my period and they aren't so I know its not that... I've never had spotting before and I read it could be implantation bleeding... the last sexual risk I had was Saturday so would that be enough time for that to occur?. :confused: I just don't know. I'm really freaked out. Any ideas or opinions?:( :(