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    Sep 19, 2016, 10:11 AM
    Late on periods and having discharge. What is the reason?
    I am 22 F. I had my periods last month on 16-20.After that, I had sex on 29, 3 and 10(he used protection). Its 19th and I haven't got my periods yet. Also I am always irregular on my periods. On 16 & 17, I experienced light spotting and pain in my stomach which was mild. I am going through stress for past 4-5 days(because of exams and afraid if I am pregnant). I got scared after watching that spotting and took a home pregnancy test on 18th which came negative. When I came home, the same day I saw dark reddish- brown discharge on middle of my panty which was not light like before(about 15 drops if it was spotting).I also experienced same pain when I get my usual periods i.e. lower body, legs and abdominal pain. I thought my periods had come so I used a sanitary napkin. This morning, there was nothing and when I used toilet I saw blood again. It was dark-reddish brown drops and was not as thick as my usual periods(usually dark reddish). I assumed my periods will start today and this is the beginning of it. So I used napkin whole day and again nothing was there. I used toilet and again I saw same blood. I haven't got my periods yet. And did not experienced ovulation during this time. What can be the reason behind this discharge? Please help me out! I am freaking out! :(
    (sorry for my English).
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    Sep 19, 2016, 04:16 PM
    No mattee how many dates and details you provide, nobody can diagnose pregnancy or other medical issues online. You may be pregnant, maybe not. Wait until you are two weeks past your missed period and take a pregnancy test first thing in the morning.

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