No signs of pregnancy except for missed period... I think.
I have a weird cycle; it moves all around the month.
I only think it's late because I remember I had it during a big event.
Took two tests Saturday and Monday. Chugged water before hand on the first. The second was late Saturday night (aka Monday AM). Using Answer Home Pregnant. Test.
Results = NEGATIVE. (both were not my morning pee)
Camping. Mild to Medium. Sporadically. (but I rarely get cramps to begin with so the mild-medium is pretty normalish). Some pain in lower back and on my lower hips (off and on)
White & clear discharge for a few days. Just noticed a small dark discharge (so far only once).
Bladder feels full currently. Sometimes, it is a lot, and sometimes it is just a little. Otherwise, I don't have to pee. Bladder just feels full

what is going on w/ my body? Pregnant? Or body just out of sync?
looking forward to reply

I went to the DR today and the test was negative. I took a UTI test as well. The only thing is that I drank 2 bottles of water before hand... does that dilute the test?