I've always had a regular period. It comes the same time, for the same amount, and is just as heavy as the one prior. Also, I work close with my best friend who receives her period's the same time/length as mine at least for the past 6 months. The last time I have received my period was on 05/26/07.

This is why it came as a shock to me when she got her period just over two weeks ago. Since I was late, and I have been having unprotected sex, with no birth control, I took a pregnancy test this past Thursday. I didn't read the instructions that carefully, and only held the test stick under my urine for maybe 2 seconds instead of the required 5. It came back negative.

A few more days past, and still no sign of a period. However, on Sunday I noticed very very light pink spotting when I would wipe after peeing. I thought I was starting my period, so I threw a pad on. Then, later that night, no new blood ever came. The very next day the same situation happened, I had very little blood.

It is now Tuesday, and it's the same situation. On my lunch break at work I bought another pregnancy test. It was also negative. However, this time I believe I may have troubled with the results from using the pee from drinking a bunch of water before hand because I peed just an hour before. I read online to take the test when I pee after waking up in the morning. I was planning on doing that tomorrow.

I am also experiencing some slight discomfort in my lower pelvic region. They don't feel like sharp period pains, but something like that.

I am unsure if these could be signs of pregnancy, or I'm just having an irregular period, or if I had a miscarriage. Any information would be appreciated!! This seems to be a common question, but everyone's scenerio's are a bit different in the details.