OKey so here's my story, I do have irregular period, sometimes even 5 months apart. But since August 2011 I've been taking Provera 500mg for 3 months (Aug,Sept,Oct)and got my period regularly for those three months. I tried getting my Period on my own during November and it came, didn't have my period December (which I think is due to stress) Got my Period again January 8-15. Last time I had sex was February 4, I've been wanting to have a baby forever since me and my hubby been trying for so long, and then Feb 12 I thought I was having my period but it was only light pink and brownish, its been almost 2 weeks now and the spotting/Dishcharge was changing color from light pink to light brown and now its more of a thick dark brown texture but changes back to being light pink/brown from time to time. I don't have to wear pads just panty liners because it isn't a lot. Is it possible that I am pregnant? Can implantation Bleeding last this long? Please Help. Because I'm scared to take a another Test just to find out its negative. =(