I am new to this.My period was due Friday June 27 I got up at around 12:30 am Friday morning and there was light spotting that is very unusual for me... I figured I would wait and see if it picked up or not well all day it never picked up but stayed the same light spotting that was light pink to a brown color I have never had a light period before and never had a period without warning like sore nipples... I have been wondering if I was pregnant or not because the sides of my breasts have been sore going towards my armpit and that is confusing I have never had that before either bleeding still hasn't got heavier I have had no cramping since it started I usually get bad cramps or at least some cramps now it is like a rust color its dark for a minute then it is light again I don't understand I read around on other sites that implantation bleeding can occur and is common on the day of your expected period has this happened to anybody is it likely that is what is happening to me My husband are trying to conceive again I had a miscarriage a few months ago... Thanks in advance:)