I had my first period at age 11. My next one didn't happen until I was 12, and thereafter I only had one, MAYBE two periods a YEAR. When I was 17 or 18 (can't remember), my mom had me put on birth control pills to regulate my periods. I am 24 now. While on the birth control pills, my period DID come once a month like clockwork, although the bleeding normally only lasted 2-3 days, using only JUNIOR size tampons. (PMS symptoms lasted longer, before and after the bleeding.)

I am now married and decided to go off birth control for health reasons. (Heart disease runs in my family and I also suffer from ocular migraines, both of which increase your chance of heart attack/stroke, along with the PILL.)

I stopped birth control in early March 2008. It is now early November 2008... I haven't had a period since March when the pill was still in my system. This is now 8 months of using NO protection (occasionally we will use the spermicidal lube, but not every time, and it's not highly effective alone anyway), and I am still not pregnant.

At this time, my Husband and I are not necessarily trying for a baby, but we also aren't trying too hard to prevent pregnancy either; we both want a child, and we want it to happen when it's supposed to, and be a surprise, but I am worried there is something majorly wrong with me since I've been off the pill for 8 months, still haven't had a period, and still am not pregnant.

(I have taken a pregnancy test once or twice a month since April.)

I know everyone will say Go see your doctor... and I do have an appointment scheduled for the end of this month, but I am so stressed out with worry that I just wanted to see what you guys thought.

Goodness I ramble. So basically, does being unable to have a period on my own mean that I can't get pregnant?