Hello All,

This is my first post in this forum. I have been facing a lot of problems recently related to my menstrual bleeding.
I am 26 years old female ,married , no kid
3 months I didn't have a period. Went to see a doctor, was not pregnant. Started on Seasonique and now I am bleeding everyday for last 20 days.. at times 1 pad a day ,at times 2-3 pads a day.
After Gym, it bleeds and I have to use a pad.

I am not sure what is happening. I need to come out of pill and I am afarid if I stop the pill, it is going to bleed very heavily.

I have been admitted to ER twice due to heavy bleeding this year and doctor always put me on some birth control pill. Problem is even on taking a pill everyday at night , I still bleed. I always have to wear a pad.

I have plans to become pregnant.

Wha should I do? Any answers would be appreciated.