I have been to three different doctors two of them used the doppler they did hear a heartbeat. The first one got a rate of 135 at the local er but because the doctor said that blood test was negative they wouldn't take me serious about feeling the baby. The second doctor found a heart rate of 150 and 153 they did an ultrasound I thought I had seen a head and a spine but because it wasn't in the uterus they wouldn't pay attention. They did blood test and it came back negative. They sent me upstairs for an ultrasound tech to do one and he said that there was nothing there. Once again they thought I was crazy. The doctor did a pelvic exam and my cervix was closed? I still feel something moving around they said it was my intestines but it does it a lot more than it should. Also it just doesn't move down! I can put my fingers on it and it will push back intestines shouldn't do that! Could I be pregnant outside my uterus and still have negative blood test? I am very worried.