Just two years ago, period has become irregular once in two months and then once in three months and now stopped since Nov 08. Diagnosed with thyroid in Sept 06 and have been taking oroxine 50 mcg daily. Blood test for thyroid is now under control but seemed to have low hormonal level that has been linked to period stopping. I'm only 43 and mum had her menopause in her 50s. Ultrasound of uterus showed little follicles.
(Found out that my aunt (father's sister) had her menopause at about 44. Is there a co-relation?)
Will this lead to osteoporosis? Is there a way to get the period back at all with medication like Trisequens - is this safe?
Or should I just go on HRT? No family history of breast cancer.

Please advise and thank you very much.:)