Well about at month ago I had sex for the very first time, and it was very painful. Me and my boyfriend were on a week vacation so we practiced until it wouldn't hurt so much. I think we had sex about 4 of 5 times, although it didn't hurt so much anymore, he was the only one feeling pleasure.
Just last night we had sex again, it hurt just a little big going in, but after that I still don't feel good. He tried rubbing my while we were in intercourse and it helped, but the feeling would fade away. The only time I ever orgasm is when he licks my . It don't feel good when he fingers me either. I'v never stuck a vibrator in me (but should I try?)

But I have but a viabrator massager directly on my and if feels amazing. I just wish I could feel like that when we are making love. Should we try using a vibrating ring? Should I see a docotor or sex theripst? What do I do..