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    Do you wonder if you are pregnant
    For those of you who wonder if you are pregnant, here are a few signs and symptoms as well as other possible causes for their occurrence

    Presumptive Signs (you may be pregnant)

    3 – 4 wk
    Breast changes
    Premenstrual changes, oral contraceptives

    4 wk
    Amenorrhea (lack of period)
    Stress, vigorous exercise, early menopause, endocrine problems, malnutrition

    4 – 14 wk
    Nausea, vomiting
    GI upset (flu), food poisoning

    6 – 12 wk

    Urinary frequency
    Infection, pelvic tumors

    12 wk
    Stress, illness

    16 – 20 wk
    Quickening (feeling “baby” move)
    Gas, peristalsis (normal movement of food through intestines)

    Probable signs (you probably are pregnant)

    5 wk

    Softening of cervix (Goodell's sign)
    Pelvic congestion

    6 – 8 wk

    Bluish tinge of vulva/vagina (Chadwick's sign)
    Pelvic congestion

    6 – 12 wk

    Softening of cervical isthmus (Hegar's sign)
    Pelvic congestion

    4 – 12 wk

    Positive pregnancy test (blood)
    Hydatidiform mole, choriocarcinoma

    6 – 12 wk

    Positive pregnancy test (urine)
    Pelvic infection, tumor

    16 wk

    Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor)
    Myomas, other tumors


    5 – 6 wk
    Visualization of fetus by real-time ultrasound examination
    No other causes

    6 wk

    Fetal heart tones detected by ultrasound examination

    8 – 17 wk
    Fetal heart tones detected by Doppler ultrasound stethoscope

    16 wk
    Visualization of fetus by x-ray study

    17 – 19 wk
    Fetal heart tones detected by fetal stethescope

    19 – 22 wk
    Fetal movements felt with hand

    Late pregnancy
    Fetal movements visible


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