My family doctor thought it would be an amazing idea to put me on depo birth control, because I'm a college runner; and worrying about my period is too much of a struggle. It did the opposite of what she said would happen, and two weeks later I bleed nonstop.But not red blood, brown blood. I told her that, and she put me on estrogen. But that made it 10x worse. I bled even harder. Next step, I went to my OB/GYN in my county; she told me to get off the estrogen. She told me to keep getting the shot every 3 months till the bleeding goes away. It sure as hell didn't. So I complained about that, and got put on progesterone. That hormone made me stop bleeding brown, but got normal red color back. I was somewhat happy, but it also made me bleed worse like the estrogen. I stopped taking it. Now, a YEAR LATER, I'm bleeding 3.5 weeks and not bleeding for 1.5. You are doctors, and OB/GYNs at that. PLEASE HELP ME OUT. I'm still a college athletic and sick of bleeding all the time. I'm not the only women who has had this problem, but one of the few.

Thanks. I really hope someone can help me out.