Help! :( I had a pea sized bump on my upper labia minora to the right of my clitorus which my doctor told me is a cyst and should "go away" on its own. That was after it had already been there for about 1.5 months. It has been there for 1 month now. It is actually driving me insane and it is in such a precious location that it is getting in the way of my sex life, confidence, and happiness. I have tried popping it a few times blood/white pus may come out and I can see white beneth the surface but it won't come out and it hurts too much to try harder. I've also tried a hot compress once. I have a salt water hot tub... will this help? Or is there any creams or ANY suggestions? Research doesn't show much... This is kind of embarrassing to be just talking about to a bunch of random doctors but I just want it gone. Will it just go away? Why is it even there!