A few days ago I started feeling pain in the opening of my vagina, it was stinging. I got my boyfriend to look at it and he said there were two little cuts on the skin where the hole is. The next day we ended up having sex but it only lasted about 5 minutes because it started hurting me. After sex my vagina was hurting a lot so we looked at it again, and this time I noticed something weird. It's kind of hard to explain, the skin around the opening was all stretched and worn out looking and there was like a big bump with a hole in it like a piece of skin was missing. We waited a couple of hours later and checked again, the skin was less damaged looking and the bump with the hole looked more like a big cut. I'm assuming we made it worse by having sex that night. I never had this happen to me before. My boyfriend and I did not have rough sex and he isn't too big or anything. The only thing I can think of is that we have sex everyday, and I'm not used to that. Has this happened to anyone else? And how long until it goes away?