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    Oct 13, 2018, 02:28 AM
    Could I have had a miscarriage?
    Did I have a miscarriage? I had sex with my ex boyfriend two days in a row on a Monday and Tuesday and we used condoms both times.Wednesday I was bleeding a little and I took a plan b pill that Same day. Thursday I started having abdominal pains. Friday I had abdominal pains but after I ate certain foods I felt a little nauseated.. That night I woke up and I felt something Pop inside me and I didn't know what it was. Then Saturday it was like it switched up from abdominal pain to lower back pain to being nauseous. Around twelve I felt a very sharp pain in my lower right abdominal and a little close to my hip that was so painful I was tilting over. I went through the rest of the day and I decided that night to take a bath. As I was sitting in the tub and I was about to get out I noticed something red floating around the tub and I got a towel and got it to see what it was because I though maybe it was a cloth but it felt weird and a little squishy. I think I may have miscarried and didn't know it. Blood there was no it possible that I miscarried? I am still having pregnancy symptoms.

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