Hi. I am nearly 21 years old and for over two years now, I have been sore and had burning when I wee, all before I even started in the relationship I am in. It was in a way copeable but gradually it has got worse and now I am very very seriously depressed and it's ruining my life. I have missed out on the important years that you go out and have a laugh with your mates. It is sore all the time, as if I am sitting on kinifes and have lots of cuts. The sore area is just inside my vagina in the opening. It gets brought on more when I wee and I can very rarely have sex with my fiancé which is upsetting me so much because I have not been sleeping around like other people my age and I have got all this pain and trouble. I developed a urinary infection in December 06 for the first time, around a year after I started to get sore.
Then I had another one just before I went on holiday, in July 2007. Since the last one the problem has not got any better, it still feels like I have an infection and that its never gone, girls that know what urinary infections feel like, I hope you can understand how bad I feel all the time. I have had about three or four tests that have come back saying I have no sti's or female problems like cystitis, and I no longer have a urinary tract infection. My doctor is uselsss and really doesn't listen so it took a long time to get referred to a specialist at the hospital.
Again I explain it all to them but they say things like, oh well there's no infection and it looks fine. Because I go to the toilet quite a lot, they did a test that shows them how my bladder works and they have said I probably have an overactive bladder. I am now on tablets and the amount I wee has sort of improved but the soreness hasn't got better at all. I have a camera test that will look at my urinary tract and bladder, but I just can't see them doing enough to actually find out about the soreness, they just seem to want to diagnose something and leave it. But there is no way I can, its so painful, that I can't work, I have lost friends, I can't enjoy a life with my fiancé, I can't look at starting a family etc.
I just don't know what more I can do and what the hell it could be. What can I do to make my doctors help me and listen because they say its not life threatening but its controlled my life for years now and it might sound pathetic but if I can't sort it out I will have to end it with my fiancé and top myself or something, there's just no way I can live with it. I have done everything to reduce it being sore like not using soap near the area or tight clothing, but it hasn't worked. I just sit in bed trying to grasp the pain. If anyone has advice about what it could be and how I can get the doctors to listen, I'd really appreciate it. And please no mentions that it is an infection because it definitely isn't!