I have been having irregular bleeding for over 2 years out of the blue... I would bleed for a couple of days then stop, then a couple of weeks then stop, and star right back up a few days later. Now I bleed for 3 or for weeks and stop a week then start back up. Now since April I get pelvic pain. Sometimes it's a dull pain sometime it's a horrible sharp pain. I moves from the left to the right or it will sit right in the middle... The doctors don't know what it is and its starting to frustrate me to the point where I feel depressed and dicouraged. I don't know what to do if it was affecting my fertility. I don't even have a sex life because I bleed so often. I scared and just need answers or advice or if anyone has the same problem, what was there outcome.

22 yr old
Scared and dicouraged.