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    Mar 29, 2008, 09:39 PM
    Constant headaches
    Hi, I posed a question once saying I had heart palputations and lose of breath, later on I began to have head aches as well. I went to the doctor and got a blood test my blood came out fine and the heart palputations arnt occurring anymore or not as offten but I'm still getting headaches, now my doctors a bit confussed and he thinks its just nerves but he decided to send me to a nurologist (dont know if I spelled that right but in other words a brain doctor) just in case and he said that if I begin 2 get extreme pain that he wants me hospitalized. When I told this 2 my boyfriend and his mother they said my doctor did know what he was talking about and that it is probably allergies.So I'm confussed can someone please tell me what it could be and why my doctor wanted me hospitalized it my headaches became extreme
    Thank you for your time:)
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    Mar 29, 2008, 11:54 PM
    Both me and my mother suffer from chronic headaches, but we both have different causes. My doctor told me that whenever I got a headache, I had to rate the pain from 1-10, write down the time of day it started, how long it lasted, how much medication you took, and any other pains I felt at that time. I realized that I was getting a headache from not having enough caffeine (I had given up having my daily cup of coffee... I was addicted to caffeine!) my mom's problem is completely different... she gets horrible headaches before her period comes. If you're not already, you should write down information about your headaches so the next time you go to the doctor, you can provide him with more details than just saying you have headaches.

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