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    Dec 12, 2007, 01:11 PM
    Confused about my ultrasound
    I had an ultrasound yesterday for a breast lump. I'm 23, lump moves, and I have very dense breast tissue. They said they were doing an ultrasound because of the dense tissue. Afterwards, the tech told me that the radiologist said that I didn't need to have a mammogram that day. She said that he got "good enough pictures". I was concerned about why they didn't do a mammo also. I am supposed to go to see my regular doctor tomorrow for the results. Is it a bad sign that I didn't get results right away? My boss told me that she always gets hers right after her mammo, but she has never had a lump and only gets screening mammos. I am having a mammo on Dec. 20 anyway, because I want both breasts looked at anyway for peace of mind, if nothing else. Why wouldn't they look at the other breast? I had a referral for a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound, and feel like I may have been ripped off! Does anyone have any ideas what this means? I know I will find out tomorrow, but the whole thing just confused me. When the nurse did the ultrasound, I saw something on the screen that said 3.9 cm. and freaked out, but she told me that that didn't have anything to do with the breast lump was just a setting on the screen. Serves me right for trying to snoop at the machine when she left the room, lol! But when I asked her, she said "Oh, God no, your lump isn't that big!", so I'm taking that as a good sign, I guess. Well, just wanted to get some input about the ultrasound, so thanks for your answers.
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    Dec 12, 2007, 01:17 PM
    Ultrasounds can be just as good, if not better than a mammo if you have especially dense breasts. So, I would not worry there.

    As for not getting the results, a radiologist has to look over the ultrasound prior to the results being given out. This can take some time, usually a day or more.

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