Okay so here's what happened..

I'm 19. And back in June I was with this guy I really liked. We decided to have sex so I was there in the missionary position and he was slowing going in but it was hurting me so bad that he slipped out. He told me he didn't even go far enough to break the hymen. So to him he said I basically am still a virgin because he couldn't break it. About two weeks after that I had my period (this was the last week of june) but it was way different. It was heavy the first day, then the next to days it was super light and then nothing. My period only lasted for 3 days when normally it would last for aout 7. Then about two weeks after that I had my period again and this time it was more normal. It last about six days and the first two days were kind of heavy then after that it became a little lighter afterwards. I don't know really understand what spotting is supposed to be like or how long it lasts. I'm afraid that I might be pregnant. I don't really have any signs that I am, other than I've been eating a lot more but I haven't showed like I've gained weight. It is now August so I've been worried about this since then and I've heard stress can also change your period. I'm going to the doctor soon so I can get my answer then but I want to know now.

So to sum this is all up.. Can your period change after you've lost your virginity?:confused: