I have been on implanon for over 3 years with no problems and regular periods each month, my 3 years was up in August and it was changed I followed all the doctors instructions (i.e no sexual intercourse for 7 days an so on) when I had it changed I was on my period, then the following month I went on holiday and delayed my period with medication prescibed by my GP I returned from my holiday and stopped taking the medication to which then I had a period but that only lasted a few days and was very light in colour, my partner and I married in October and I am now 26 days late I have done a pregnancy test which was negative but been having a heavy discharge the only sign of pregnancy I have been having is the discharge & I'm worried the implant could be giving me a false reading as I have heard you can only tell if your pregnant from an ultrasound scan is this true?. please help!!