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    Sep 15, 2018, 08:34 PM
    Can an embryo stop growing between week 4-6?
    I have a very weird situation and the reason why I am writing this here is to get someone else's POV on this matter. First I will give a little background information to better understand the situation I am currently in.

    I had a normal very easy going first pregnancy with my son 2 years ago. Was on BC pills to regulate my periods before and after my first pregnancy and it worked great. Every 3 weeks on the dot I would get my period. Decided to plan for another baby so I got off the BC pill and started taking prenatals around maybe March-April of this year. Wanted to get my period to start conceiving. My last period was on June 21 2018. Missed my period the following month but I figured my body was adjusting (plus without BC my menstrual cycle would be anywhere from 35-40 days). Did a at home pregnancy test a few times and it always came back negative. Waited a while and then on August 13 I checked again and it was finally a positive reading. I was going on a 2 week vacation so I made an appt with my gyno just to be on the safe side. Got the appt for 3 days later (aug 16). Upon doing a transvaginal ultrasound, my gyno saw the sac but said it was too early to determine anything maybe because I probably ovulated later than expected-I agreed. Went on vacation and after 16 days made an appt again with the gyno. She said nothing was growing and that maybe it was a missed miscarriage. Gave me my options as to how to clean everything out (D&C, cytotec). As she's telling me all this I just cant believe this is happening. At this point again we cant really determine how far along I am, maybe 5-6 weeks?

    As I dress to leave, she knocks on the door and tells me she made a mistake and doesn't want to rush into anything just yet but she compared the ultra sound pics from two weeks ago to now and it did grow so to basically wait it out and come back after a week to be sure. I went back after 6 days and she said the same thing again. That the measurements are still the same from 6 days ago and there's no heartbeat so basically I miscarried.

    My confusion is, upon doing research the sac doesn't show until at least 5 weeks so I have to be somewhere from 5-7 weeks at the moment. Can the doctor be wrong and it happens to be that I am just too early and it will grow? I opted for the natural miscarriage meaning Ill wait for the body to clean out itself through bleeding/cramping. I have no symptoms of any miscarriage like bleeding, cramping, spotting etc but again everyone's body is different. I gained weight, tender breasts, fatigue, constant hunger, basically everything I had for my first pregnancy minus being nauseous. I just don't know what to believe or do. A part of me thinks it will grow and maybe to give it time but then again since I am doing it the natural way, it can either grow or I can start bleeding, cramping any day and it can clean out itself which is what I am basically doing right now. My other choice was to go get another doctor's opinion.

    Thanks for reading my long post but I am just tired of doing research/thinking about this.
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    Sep 16, 2018, 09:45 PM
    The best test would be a qualitative blood test. This would indicate rising or declining levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG.

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