Hi. I've been trying to find an answer to this for a while. I'm 19, my boyfriend is 21 and we're currently sexually active. We've both been with three other people, but neither have had unprotected sex before dating one another. We've both been tested and neither of us has been unfaithful. I am on the pill and have been for a few months now and we stopped using condoms about a month ago. Since we stopped using condoms, the sex still feels fine and enjoyable, but after, my vagina feels very raw and it burns. It doesn't just burn when I pee and it usually lasts for about twenty to thirty minutes after the sex has ended. The burning gets worse if we have sex multiple times. Before we have sex, foreplay is involved and I'm usually sufficiently "naturally" lubricated. When we used condoms, his penis was never too large to fit and it never hurt like it does now. Also, I think the burning may have something to do with his seamen because he always ejaculates inside of me and it almost feels like pouring salt water into a wound. The acidity of his seamen makes the burning even worse. I haven't suggested using artificial lubrication because I really don't think we need it. If you have any idea what the problem may be, please let me know. This problem has gotten so bad that I've almost completely lost my interest in having sex because I know how much it will hurt for me when it's over.