I've recently had a urinary tract infection and at the same time I was on period. Due to the uti I couldn't wear a tampon because it hurt way to bad. So, I had to wear a pad 24/7 during my period, which I'm not used to. I usually would only wear them at night. Well, during my period and uti, I noticed a bump/boil looking thing on the very inside of my right vagina lip. Afterward, two more came up, and on the same side, making my vagina swell up on that side. I got antibiotics for my uti and all of that is pain free now, however the bumps are still there. They went through a period of oozing something resembling puss, then went on to ooze blood. I figured the bumps/boils were just running their course? However, they have yet to go away and still look like a bump/boil. They don't hurt as bad as they did, but are still very uncomfortable. Any ideas what they could be or how to get rid of them?