I am 23 yearsold, and have been on my birth control for over a year now. Last month my period was normal. Then I had some light brown spotting only when I cleaned myself after using the bathroom. I went to the Dr. for my yearly exam, and told her about the spotting. She told me it was normal and that my pregnancy test was negative. I then had more spotting when I would go to the bathroom, but it was also a little bit of light pink along with the light brown. My recent period came but was lighter than usual. It is now a week after my last period ended, and I again had spotting light brown and pink, but it was enough to where I needed a tampon. What gives? Is that normal or do I need to go to the Dr. again?? Please help.:confused:

It also doesn't help that my boyfriend asks if I am pregnant at the slightest tummy ach, head ach, or gass bubble.