OK, I was due for my next depo January 3rd at the latest and didn't get it, so I have been detoxing since. Well I thought I was getting my first period on February 13th when all this started. From day one the bleeding didn't look right the color was just off it was more brownish black with a hint of pink. I bled until about 6pm that day and it just stopped! Same went for the next day, I started in the morning and it stopped around 1pm. For the next couple of days I had a light pink discharge, but only noticed it when I wiped. I didn't even need to use a pad. Then it turned to light brown spotting and as of yesterday February 27th it got a normal flow to it and got darker because it was mixing with the light pink color to where I could use a pad but I still wasn't that much. I am still bleeding and I'm on day 15! A few days before I started my breasts were feeling swollen, so I thought it was because I was well ready for a period, but then when I started the swelling was getting worse. My nipples started hurting and getting very tender, but it's an on and off feeling. Also, I'm getting heartburn for no reason what so ever I'll just wake up at two in the morning with horrible heartburn. I'm talking you could throw up heartburn if you don't drink something to put the fire out. I'm getting on and off bloating/feeling full in my stomach and weird cramps, there not like my normal menstruation craps. The're expanding type cramps, with just plain soreness. I don't know how else to explain it. I thought that maybe I could be pregnant so I took a First response test on the 27th but it came back negative so I have no idea what's going on with me!