:confused: Hey, I was hoping someone could help me.
It's about my period, or should I say my non-existent period. My last period was in May about 7 weeks ago (from the last day) and I'm about 3 weeks late. I've been late before, but this time it's different. A few days ago I thought I had gotten my period because when I went to the restroom I found very faint pinkish almost orange blood. (which is unusual for me) I thought it was my period. But later when I went to use the restroom I had found that it had stopped. The next day I went to the restroom, I found that I was having a very light brown discharge. It's been a cupple days now and still I'm having this same light brown discharge. But it's not enough to wear a pad or even a liner. I've also been having some stomach pains and sickness for the past 4 or 5 weeks. I am sexually active but we use protection. So what are some things that could cause this? Please help!