Hello, I am hoping I can get some advice. My periods are like clockwork! 2 weeks prior to my periods my breasts get EXTREMELY sore and stay that way until the day my period begins. I normally have a heavy cycle, however last month was "light" by my standards. This month I have had no sore breasts (which I'm liking) and lots of bloating with mild lower back aches. I am supposed to start on the 21 (Sunday) I took a test this morning and got a negative. No nausea or cravings. Could this be a sign of pregnancy? I know tender breasts are usually a sign but I am used to getting them every month for years, but this month, NOTHING! It's been 4 years since I was last pregnant. My husband and I are not Trying to conceive but we're not "preventing" it either (with drawl method) I know its not a form of BC, but that's OK with us. Any help or advice would be appreciated!