Hello. This is a bit embarrassing, but after reasearching, I would like some opinions here as well as I trust many of you ladies and gentlemen's judgements.

For the last 2 days, I have been sick. With a sinus infection mostly. But possibly the flu as I had a fever and body aches and now diariah (spelling?)

Yesterday I noticed my stools are A lot like a new borns stools. You know the type. Black. Mucus filled, tar like. We called it 'velcro' poop cause it just DID NOT come off baby's bottom easily.

I looked it up, and I now know it could be because of too much iron, certain foods with dark colors (like licorice or blueberrys) or it could be internal bleeding or an ulcer.

Can anyone think of ANYTHING else? I have a doctors appointment on Thursday already. But I would really like to know if it could be something else other than bleeding (or Melana as they called it) because I have not eaten any dark colored foods nor have I taken any iron or eaten any foods with a lot of iron in it.