Hello, my name is Kayla. I'm 20 years old, and am dating a 50 year old man. When I first started dating him, I felt like it was okay because he seemed to have been a nice person. Though now, I've seen his true colors... He has cursed at me before, called me out of my name, he's hit me, made me cry and yell, and he just now decided to get a job. I've been told that a man as old as he is should treat a woman as young as me as a queen, but he thinks there should be equal treatment between us. I am also pregnant with my first child, and he's the father. He has 6 other children, two of them are older than me, and the rest of them are only a few years younger than me. I use to think age was just a number, but I feel differently being with him. I honestly don't even love him anymore because of how degrading and disrespectful he is towards me. The only reason why I'm still with him is because I'm carrying his child. Should I still leave him anyway?