A week ago , I went through an abortion. I was 19 weeks pregnant as on Friday 17th December 2010. I opted for the abortion due to personal reasons. I am single. I don't have an active sex life , except for the person I am dating right now, we don't indulge in intercourse too often.
We plan to get married in a year or two and have babies too. I did not have a choice but to abort the child. I am now concerned about the side effects of this action. Will I be able to conceive again?
I went through the abortion on Tuesday (21st dec) , I was admittd in the nursing home on Monday (20th dec). The doctor had inserted a pill into me once in the morning and once in the evening. It took me 24 hours to actually complete the process. I experienced heavy bleeding in the next 3 days, I came back home on Tuesday itself. I also have experienced bleeding in relatively huge clots. Now the cramps and the bleeding has reduced.
Please suggest , if I should get myself checked and what tests need to be done to ensure that my health has not been affected and that I can conceive again.

PS: this was my first pregnancy.