Hello I was so so confuse :( and really don't know what's happening to me..
Here's my story..
Me and my ex boyfriend had a unprotected sex last march 5 and he widraw inside but before that sex happen I had a feeling that I will have my mens any time soon cause my breast are in pain and I have a regular mens cycle and I never delay like this before my delay period is 2-3days only but now I guess I'm 8days delay. My last mens was April 9 so I'm expecting that I will have my mens may 6.last week I'm having a white mens then 2 days ago its stop and still no mens until now and there's no more pain in my breast now and I don't feel any symptoms that I will have my mens. Then this afternoon I try to take a pregnancy test but its NEGATIVE!
My question is?
Is posibility that I'm pregnant?
How many days or weeks I will wait to take a pregnancy test again?
Help me please!!