Ok so I'll start from the beginning.

My last period was on the 7th of July and only lasted for a couple of days with only spotting. I haven't had anything since.

I was having nausea and headaches and feeling dizzy which my doctor put down to labyrinthitis but they didn't do any tests to check whether it was that or not.

And now as of yesterday my nipples have been really sore but only really to touch my boyfriend and I where having a bit of fore play and he was playing with my nipples and they really hurt I never get sore nipples around or on my period so I don't think it's that.

Now every pregnancy test I've taken has come back negative so I can't be pregnant or can I? I stopped thinking I might be as it can stop you coming on and I'm not really stressed.

Also I am 23 years old I have got a little bit too much weight on me and I have got PCOS. But I do eat healthy and drink plenty of water. But I have been eating A lot more recently and putting on weight. I do as much walking as poss and go on my bike for 30mins at least 3 times a week.

Any answers would be helpful?