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    Mar 29, 2007, 12:29 PM
    Tapped landline
    OK only real genuine people respond please no time for joksters. Somehow my conversations are being heard on my landline phone. All my voicemail is being recorded also. I have had the phone company out, but they say the line is all right, really don't know if they are checking for tap or not.

    Anyway, there's proof that I am being heard, I am just having a hard time figuring out how they can hear everything. One time there was a message in the voicemail that, this initiated voice message box is for tessting purposes only. So, the more I dig the more I find out there. There's software you can download and it records everything in regards to your landline.

    I am in a bad relationship. He is doing the neighbor. Could this be downloaded on her computer and the phone company wouldn't find anything at all?

    Someone please help...
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    Mar 29, 2007, 12:35 PM
    Are you using cordless phone with antenna? If so the frequency can be picked up on a scanner. But don't know of programs that will let you listen in on other phone calls. Possibly your companion could have (if they still exist) gotten you on a party line.
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    Mar 29, 2007, 12:40 PM
    Communicating wirelessly
    Somehow my boyfriend is communicating to his girlfriend, the neighbor, about 50 fifty away. I thought it was bluetooth, and maybe it still is, but I never see a headset. When I first thought bluetooth I did some research and found out that walkie talkies could interfere with communications. So, I tried it and it did. Since then they did something, and it doesn't work.

    He talks to her, (whispers) right in front of me. She can hear him, and probably me too, he can hear her, but I can't hear her, and there is no headset, how can this be?

    I just want to find out how so I can be a miss smarty pants. Right now I feel like a fool, they think I am a fool. I just want to know, please help me
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    Mar 29, 2007, 12:46 PM
    Are you sure he's just not trying to goad you. Could it be that he's just mouthing words and pretending to listen and hear? Without some sort of mic and earpiece, I don't think communication is possible at least with today's technology.
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    Mar 29, 2007, 12:52 PM
    Why is his ex living 50 feet away? I am not sure I understand. But like Scott said it sounds like he is just messing with your head. How do you know that they can hear each other?
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    daisy001 Posts: 7, Reputation: 1
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    Mar 29, 2007, 12:52 PM
    Wireless technology
    This area of technology is so confusing, and unfortunately it is being used against me. I want to somehow be empowered with some knowledge, so I need your help. Please only genuine people respond. It all started with my computer, I did netstat cmds, and found all kinds of funky things. Anyway my boyfriend is doing the neighbor, and everything I did on the computer they knew about, even though I deleted history. And cookies and so on and so forth. The computer gradually got a mind of its own and started running slower and slower. But, it was acting as if something was running all of the time in the background. I had dial up and sometimes would get the modem was already in use when it wasn't. Then there were presences of wireless lans, but we, to my knowledge had nothing wireless.

    I really don't know how that all works, but could it be possible that the neighbor tapped into my computer and while I was online could see it too from her screen? If so how, and if so how can I prevent that , how can I break down their wireless network?

    Please help me to be a little miss smarty pants----i really am no fool, and I would like to prove it, so please someone help me
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    Mar 29, 2007, 12:56 PM
    Sounds like the boyfriend installed a keystroke logger on your system. Get an anti-spyware utility and see if you can clean it out. Then put a poweron password on the system to prevent anyone but you from logging on.

    Oh yeah, either move out or kick the boyfriend out. You two have big trust issues that spell the end of your relationship.
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    May 12, 2007, 12:28 PM
    If not cordless phone, Possibly wires physically ran between the two houses.
    Some may be desperate enough to climb a pole where both connections are made,
    A simple jump of neighbors spare pair to your line, hook up recorder.

    If you know a Phone or Alarm Guy, You might ask him to put a tone on your line
    And Someone desperate to find out would see if tone present at their phone wires.
    I am not telling you to go to their phone wires or yard. I am telling how to determine if wires are physically connected.
    Does he have access to house(Old Keys?)Change Locks, Is He good with locks? Alarm System? Change codes. Panel may have multiple codes. Changing yours may not eleminate his. What panel do you have?
    I ask because recorder could be in house, and he retreives.
    Good Luck
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    May 12, 2007, 01:38 PM
    First has the house been checked for "bugs" they may have listening devices in the home. Have you checked to see if there was an extra line added or extensions ran to the basement or attic area.

    If he is in the house next door, he could be using a listening device to hear what was going on in your home.

    But to hear your voice mail, he would have to know your pass code and listen, so just change your code to listen to voice mail.

    But against your ex may be messing with you and not listening as well as you think.
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    Stratmando Posts: 11,188, Reputation: 508
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    May 12, 2007, 03:18 PM
    Whether it be bug or tap. Would have to physically touch land line wires. Not going to get into inductive coupling.
    Again if you have cordless, suspect scanner.
    Do you have cordless phone?
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    bikerguy Posts: 87, Reputation: 13
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    May 12, 2007, 03:25 PM
    How do you have proof your being recorded, This source would need to be investigated into It's a federal offense to tap the lines married or not.
    Tell us more info?
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    daisy001 Posts: 7, Reputation: 1
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    Jun 19, 2007, 10:06 AM
    Party line on landline
    How can I find out if I have a party line or anything else on my phone?
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    Curlyben Posts: 18,480, Reputation: 1857
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    Jun 19, 2007, 10:11 AM
    Have you tried calling your supplier ?
    Seems like the best place to start.
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    Stratmando Posts: 11,188, Reputation: 508
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    Jun 19, 2007, 10:18 AM
    Didn't know party lines still in use. You could go to a place like radio shack, and get a
    "Line in Use" indicator. If you see In use, and you are not on phone, some one may be on your line. Model I'm thinking, if I recollect, may also indicate when line cut, or telco working on line.(Lack or drop in voltage). Maybe put recorder on line, so if they wait to use phone when you are gone, you will have recording. DTMF Decoder will show numbers
    That they calling.
    If it is a Pro, you won't know.
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    ebaines Posts: 12,132, Reputation: 1307

    Jun 20, 2007, 08:31 AM
    If you have a party line you would most certainly know it - there would be occasions when you pick up the receiver and hear a conversation already in progress. I believe that your phone would also have to be specially to ring properly - phones on party lines have to be wired to ring using a technique called "ring start" or "tip start," so that only the phone in the correct house rings when dialed - otherwise your phone would ring whenever the other party's line is called. You would also have to use special procedures for making long distance calls - so that the phone company knows which party to bill. Here's a link that describes the characteristics of party lines: Party line (telephony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    But to be sure, look at your monthly bill - it should state the type of service you're paying for.
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    daisy001 Posts: 7, Reputation: 1
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    Jul 16, 2007, 11:53 AM
    Landline and other service
    Without getting into my big ole drama life, please help me figure out something. Somehow the neighbor which is 50-80 ft away from my house intercepts everything on my home land line. Whether she is home or not. She hears the conversations that have been taking place on the phone, she knows and hears if someone leaves a message on that phone. How is this possibe? Remember somehow she can retrieve stuff if she is not home. Can she possibly have some program setup through her computer that is associated with my home phone number? Please no jokesters, only good intelligent people reply please.
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    daisy001 Posts: 7, Reputation: 1
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    Jul 16, 2007, 11:57 AM
    Could this be bluetooth?
    Still no answer need some insight some help. How can my wonderful fiancée be talking to his girlfriend our neighbor? She is only 50-80 ft away from our house. He talks to her. But I never see an earpiece. He can hear her, I can't. How can they talk back and forth without a handset, headset, please help me, I so need to figure this out. He is such a snake. Somehow they are able to contact each other (dial) could this be voice activated like a cough? He does that a lot when he is talking to her.
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    Jul 16, 2007, 12:01 PM
    Contact the phone company. Lines do get crossed sometimes :)
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    Jul 16, 2007, 12:47 PM
    Do you have a cordless phone? Have you checked the outside terminal to see if any taps are on it?
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    Jul 16, 2007, 02:16 PM
    Do you have any Baby Monitors, Cordless Phones? Can be picked up in the air.
    Do you have an innercomm that you plug in wall, and communicates on power lines(PLC)
    And leave locked on.
    Any kids walkie talkies or communicators left or locked on?
    Kids repeating what they hear?
    If not wireless tap, could be hardwired, Phone wires could be going to neighbors also,
    Either intentional, or accidental. Are they likely to climb a pole?
    If you have a Phone or Alarm friend, see if they will put tone on your line, and see if it runs to their house.
    Another posibility could be Network cameras or other.

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