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    Apr 7, 2018, 06:17 AM
    New iPod vs first iPhone
    I have an iPod but never had an iPhone. I'm a senior (very senior) with difficulty
    Understanding much of the vocabulary today. The thing is, I sat on my Ipod
    Touch (ouch) cracked it... and have been living with it that way for a year. I
    Thought I'd go to. Best Buy and get another but there are some things I really

    Longer battery life: I play one particular word game every single day... often but the
    Battery goes so fast.

    I really don't need a phone. I have a flip phone and use it maybe once every two
    Months. I read Consumer Cellular is senior friendly... I don't want to go to bed
    With it, I just want to enjoy it without too many complications. Must I have wifi
    To make it work. I take MetroNorth to the city a few times a month and the
    Battery dies enroute an dI have no reception.

    Anyone want to tackle all my questions?? Thank you
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    Apr 10, 2018, 08:44 AM
    I've had an Ipod and an Iphone. (few iphones actually).
    The IPOD is EXACTLY just like an Iphone. The only difference is the IPOD does NOT have Phone service. So when you get an iPhone it looks exactly like your IPOD does, but you will notice you now have a telephone app on there so you can make phone calls.

    The battery should be better on an Iphone. I always thought my Ipod battery drained too fast. Not sure why. Maybe smaller since there is no phone capacity?

    I say get the Iphone, and you will gladly see there is no change to what you already have used with your Ipod.

    Also, if you have an ITunes account already saved up- you can transfer all your apps to your Iphone. When you get your Iphone, you will set it up and log in with your iTunes login info and it will pull all your apps over to your new phone :) So your game you play, should be there.

    Hope this helps!
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    Apr 11, 2018, 11:08 AM
    Wow.. thank you for your detailed reply... I have decided to get the Iphone8
    And share a line with someone close. My decision is also based on getting
    A GPS

    I had no idea about transferring my stuff over and I def will try it as you

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