Hi, I'm new to this group and am a single parent. Everything I do around my home I need to do myself as I have no help. It's really not usually an issue. I can pretty much figure anything out. HOWEVER, I am trying to access my routers web page ( and can not. There are several other people recently out on the WWW that I guess are having the same issues but the fixes to their questions are not working for me.

I've reset this thing dozens of times across the last 8 years since I've owned it. Every time, I have an issue with it. It's so convoluted I may just need a different router. Something a little less complicated to set up.

Today I wanted to add my work computer to our network. I opened my browser, typed in my routers ip address (as I have successfully done in the past) and it comes up with either a page not found or a Google list of places with that number in it included other peoples questions on the same problem.

I've called lynksys and I've called Comcast neither of which can answer my questions for less than 200.00 dollars.

I've ipconfig'ed my router and have the address and still can get access to it on the web.

I am running windows xp directly cabled to my router downstairs. I'm running Vista on my laptop wirelessly with an 801 card.

The ultimate goal for accessing the ip address is that I want to set up a security enabled network. Currently it's open and I don't like that but I don't know how to do it so its just stayed that way.

If anyone has any suggestions I could sure use the help. Thanks. Marylou