I have an Airport Extreme wireless modem unit that is connected via ethernet cable to a hub that is then connected to a cable modem and to a PC, both of which are located downstairs in my family room. I also have a MacBook Pro laptop that I usually use upstairs on the other end of the house but often the signal is very weak or nonexistant. I got a Hawking high-gain 2.4 Ghz Omni-Directional 7 db antenna (designed for Mac) to extend the range, but it does not improve things.

I was thinking about running an ethernet cable from downstairs where the cable modem is, to my office upstairs, where I would then place the Airport unit to deliver wireless signal to my Mac laptop and my son's iMac that he keeps in the same room. I'm guessing that I would need at least 50 foot or more of ethernet cable to do this.

So my question is whether this is a viable solutions or is there a limit on the length of the ethernet cable? If someone has a better solution without having to spend a lot more money, please suggest.it