Hello everybody I have a question about "Compress drive to save disk space" checkbox that's located in the general tab of the Local Disk properties. I just discovered this feature and decided to save some disk on my laptop but when I applied this feature. A progress bar dialog box appeared and started applying these settings to each of the file on my drive, which probably more than half a mil and in the progress bar it indicated that It would take several days until I have them all applied. So I thought "Do I really need this stuff, and will it anyhow slow down the running or lauching applications. And what is the significance of the disk space that would be saved? Roughly up to 25% or what? Another thing I've noticed was that when I cancelled the process after couple of hours of applying such feature, I noticed that instead of 28gb free it now shows 30gb free when I mouse over the local disk icon. But when I open the property dialog from it, it shows 25.7GB!! Why is that happening?