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    Oct 30, 2012, 09:33 AM
    IS there a difference in women's or mens curling bar for weights?
    My hubby got me a curling bar it seems like the grip is too wide for me. I know nothing about buying weights, sports equipment, just know what I used to use and would like to find again for personal use. I am seeking a curl bar comfortable to grip for a slight sized woman where the weights mount with metal disks that are simply added with a big (wing?) nut at the end to fasten them in place. But what am I shopping for when I describe this bar and simple mounting system? Is there a name? And is equipment different for men vs. women or skinny girl vs hefty guy?
    I also don't need a set to come with weights far bigger than I'll ever lift. Can I get bar and weights individually or am I paying waaaay higher that way? Suggestions/links appreciated!

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