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    Nov 21, 2011, 10:51 AM
    Bodybuilding at home
    Hello everybody

    First of all I know there are a lot of bodybuilding topics out there but if you could give me some tips I would really appreciate it. I can't go to the gym because it takes up too much spare time and I usually spend a lot of time studying for college. My workout has always been for the upper body. First day 3 exercises and 2 sets for chest,biceps and triceps(mostly dumbbells and pushups) . Second day 5 min exercise for abbs 2 sets, 2 exercises and 2 sets for shoulders and trapezius. Third day exercises of strength for neck and forearms.
    Now this is my training I came up by looking around the internet and doing some workouts at my kickbox club. I know this is far from a good training so my questions are these: What should I change in my workout? More sets and more excercises for different muscles? How many times a week should I train and how much time should I leave for resting? What exercises would you recommend for upper body muscles? Basically I'm asking for a workout routine at home and I know I'm asking a lot. I want definition and a little bit of mass not for women or for sports I just want to feel good in my own body. Thank you for your help and I do mean it is appreciated.
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    Jan 25, 2012, 04:21 AM
    This is abit late but I've only just come across it. I have the same problem I work full time and I have also gone back to college in the evenings and my spare time is very limited but I found 20, 30 minutes here and there. This is going to be abit straight up but if you want to bulk up and build muscle then you got to get up and do it. Going to the gym doesn't mean going there for 2 to 4 hours every day. You could say to yourself “I went to the gym today, so I'm better because of it.”. Maybe so. But the question you have to ask yourself, is “What did I do in the gym today?”. You know? What DID you do in the gym today, and how did you do it? It is about the EFFORT, and doing the activity RIGHT.

    Here is a link for a 12 week muscle building programme hope it helps.

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