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    Feb 10, 2016, 01:48 PM
    Weight loss
    (the tittle was just supposed to say weight loss i have no clue what happened)

    I'm 17 and well over weight for my age. Suddenly over the last two months I've started to go to great measures to help myself. I've cut back on calories and have actually started taking track of my calorie in-take, I've gone from drinking regular coke (4/5 cans a day) to drinking calorie-less soda and started drinking more water, I've cut back my carbs and started to track my intake and prefer to only allow myself to intake only around 50-100 carbs a day. So, my question is, how is this going to help? Is it going to help cutting calories and carbs? What else should I cut back on? When I last went to the doctors they told me I had lost 6 pounds. However I think there scales off because they told my mom she had lost 4. I feel like nothings helping. I've also started taking vitamin B12 twice a day.
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    Feb 10, 2016, 02:04 PM
    DO you vegetate on your butt when you aren't in school? Do you participate in any physical activities or sports? Exercise is always part of a successful diet plan. You have to burn the calories you take in.
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    Feb 10, 2016, 09:17 PM
    Personally, don't worry about carb amounts, stop drinking those stupid diet soda.
    And eat normal regular balanced meal. If you want one soda a day, great, one will not hurt, but 3 or 10 will. Drink water the rest of the time. About 10 large glasses a day.

    Eat fresh foods, stop going to McDonalds or Burger King, and ask MOM to use fresh veggies, not can veggies. Look at over all calories,

    Then start walking and then jogging at least twice a day. Start some other exercies at home. You should be able with proper meals, and exercie to lose about 6 to 10 pounds the first month and then 2 or 3 pounds each month after that. Sometimes slower but it will be steady.
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    Feb 11, 2016, 08:52 AM
    As stated above weight loss is a two part equation. You need to have a good well balanced diet and exercise. The basics is that you need to convince your body that you've got a good and reliable energy source as well as exercise the body so that the energy is used. Basically energy in is a smidge less then energy out.

    The big problem is that you're relying on the numbers on the scale. Those lie! Muscle is denser then fat. If you're exercise you're going to be building muscle as well as losing some fat. For a while it will look like you're not losing weight, but what's happening is you're gaining muscle mass and losing fat mass at the same rate. What you need to do is go by measurements. Measure your thighs, upper arms, belly, hips, and under your bust(ribcage). Track those numbers. You will see weight loss better there and it's a more rewarding experience in the end then numbers on a scale.

    The second problem is diet. It is easy to preach about what you should or shouldn't eat. The best is natural foods all the way. The less steps from garden/ranch to your table the better. About drinks, soft drinks are right off the menu, diet, zero calorie, or regular, gone. The regular is obvious, but the diet sodas trick your body into thinking it is getting calories and when there is none, it will increase your appetite until you get some. Surprisingly enough a hamburger from a fastfood chain really isn't all that bad for you, it is the fries and soda that get you in the end. The best concept you can understand, and it will take a LOT of research, is the glycemic index. This is a rating of how quickly your food gets turned into blood sugar. For example, a soda will have a HUGE index because it is turned into blood sugar REALLY quickly, but carrots have a low index and their sugars will be released slower into your blood. What difference does this make? Your body knows how much sugar is in your blood, if there's too much then it will store it for later use. Who knows when some energy will be required? First the liver is loaded up, and once that is full it is stored in adipose tissue, or fat. If you get a huge deluge of sugar into your blood then it is more likely to be stored as fat then if it is slowly put into your system. In addition if everything gets converted to blood sugar right away, your blood sugars will crash soon leading you to eat more.

    It is a clever system but easy to bung up. You need help to plan and work this out. It isn't an overnight process. You can do it though.

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