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    Aug 11, 2015, 03:59 PM
    Weight loss
    I'm going to be a freshman soon and I want to loose some weight. I weigh 200 pounds and I'm 14 years old. I'm active 3-5 days a week but nothing is happening. My whole family is big, but the problem in that is no one wants to exercise with me. Please help, I'm already diagnosed with pre diabetes. My heath depends on it!
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    Aug 11, 2015, 10:39 PM
    Need not worry! Just cut green papaya, and put some oil with it. Then cook them & eat. Easily you will reduce your weight and also your belly.
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    Aug 12, 2015, 01:54 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by QmaxSys View Post
    Need not worry! Just cut green papaya, and put some oil with it. Then cook them & eat. Easily you will reduce your weight and also your belly.
    They need to worry and merely eating this will not solve their issues.

    The issue is, not what everyone else is doing, It is your choice to lose weight and get healthy. You should be doing a daily exercise program. You need to stop eating fast foods, cut out a lot of fried foods, and eat more fresh veggies.
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    Aug 12, 2015, 07:17 AM
    Define active please. Does that mean you're going out and doing sports? Walking around the neighborhood? Going to the gym?

    The first thing you need to be careful of is that your body is still maturing and growing. Don't do any crash diets. They could negatively harm the growth and maturation of your body. With that out of the way.

    First things first. Don't concentrate on weight numbers. It is just a measure of mass and how gravity is affecting you. What you need to be concentrating on is measurements. Fat is not dense, but muscle is. A common trap that throws people off when they start working out to lose weight is that they don't see any return. What is happening under the skin is that the fat is being used but due to increased activity your body is generating more muscle to facilitate the increased activity. Our body's are smart in that way. If we have an abundance of energy then we store it. If we are not using a particular muscle then it will reduce in size. Less expenditure and more conservation of energy. This is an evolutionary trick that would allow us to survive learn periods when food was scarce or non-existent. It is hard for the body at this point to realize that there is no concern for lack of food.

    So, to start with take a few measurements. I suggest:
    * upper warms around the granny flab
    * bust
    * under bust
    * waist
    * hips (Widest section)
    * upper thighs.
    Write these numbers down. Don't be embarrassed by them. This is the starting point. They might be high, but that's you and you're awesome! Get an idea of your goals here as well, two inches off arms, 5 from thighs, 10 from hips, etc. make sure they're realistic. You want to be healthy and given your genetics that might mean that you'll always be a little chubby. If you're healthy and your body is working good it doesn't matter if you have fat or if you're BMI is in the overweight/obese category.

    As chuck said, cut out processed foods. A lot of out of the box foods have been refined so that you get the maximum energy punch as possible. The problem is with the rapid influx of simple sugars and easily digestable fatty acids, is that you get a massive blood sugar spike, your body will react by filling it's fat stores, first the liver then your chub. It is how your body deals with excess energy. This is the same with juices, pops, and many fruits. Yea, I said fruits. They have sugar in them, so if you eat only fruit for your fruit/veggie intake for the day then you're will find it much harder to lose weight. With Also be careful of 0 calorie and diet drinks. They are kind of evil because they promise your body energy and don't delieve with makes your body want to binge more to get the energy promised.

    Basic rules:
    * limit your processed food intake.
    * limit your drink choices to natural lower calorie drinks
    * Figure out what you're eating and the calorie count of that and adjust your diet to be balanced and fall within the range of what's normal for you, your age, and your energy output.
    * eat regularly and don't cheat. Seriously.

    Weight loss is a simple equation: Energy in has to be slightly less then energy out. The important part is to start regularly but start slowly. A pitfall here is going from nothing or precious little to full on gym routine, getting sore, getting dishearten, and giving up because you're in pain and depressed. If you start slow and adjust based upon performance then you will increase your activity to a point that is sustainable and non-damaging.

    Basic idea:
    * slowly increase activity: Walk more. Go to the next bus stop. Go for a walk after dinner. Take your pet for a walk. Just get moving.
    * Start a morning jog. This one you need to be careful with, have water with you. Start walking, jog for 1 minute, walk for 5, jog for 1, walk for 5. After a week or two, jog for 90s, walk for 4 minutes. Slowly change those numbers to increase the amount you jog to walk. Make sure you have a good sports bra (If it isn't working wear two, honestly it will work wonders), and good jogging pants. Chub rub is no ones friend.
    * Take your measurements every week and DO NOT get on a scale. Ignore your scale, just measure the parts above. Note any improvement. It will take a bit for it to start to show up, the important point is to not get discouraged and to keep at it.
    * make the above into a routine, better chance of sticking to it.
    * I don't think your should be concentrating on weight training right now, just cardio and toning. You might want to see if you can get to a gym, be it a commercial gym or your school gym, and work on their cardio machines.

    Good luck. It is a hard road ahead of you. Don't give up and don't hurt yourself.

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