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    Aug 18, 2018, 05:04 AM
    Is something wrong with my metabolism?
    I am 19 years old and 163 centimeters tall. I used to weigh 68 kilograms, which was clearly too much and I decided to go on a strict diet and lose weight. In the past few months Iíve gone down to 58 kilograms. I work out daily and consume approximately 700 calories per day. I know that most websites say that you should go for at least 1000 calories, but Iíve tried that and ended up gaining weight instead. I eat lots of vegetables every day with meat as lunch and I also eat fruit almost daily. I go for foods that are very low in calories but donít have to be as low in quantity, therefore veggies have been my best friend.
    However, Iíve stopped losing weight lately and experience bloating and stomach pains every now and then. I can only go to the toilet every 3-4 days, even though I start my day by drinking warm water, salted water after lunch and loads of green tea every day. Iím not sure if this is something to be concerned about, but Iíve fought very hard for my weight loss and Iím wondering if there is something wrong with my metabolism or if I should speak to a doctor about this.
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    Aug 18, 2018, 01:10 PM
    As you go to the gym and build up muscles you often gain weight as muscle weight (which is not a bad thing)

    Next sounds like your diet needs work, as to a more balanced meal. Esp raw veggies, which should also solve the bathroom issue)

    Also be sure you are working on the right type of workout,

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