I have been unsuccessully trying to lose weight for the past 5 years. Only recently I tried a 3 month eating plan which I was somehow able to stick to. I lost 10kgs (about 22 lbs) during that time.
Yesterday was the last day of the diet, and today I have found myself unable to hold back on what I have been missing out on for the past few months (chocolate, chips, candy, cakes, etc.).
In my mind, I feel like I deserve a reward for sticking to the diet for 12 weeks, but I also know that it will undo all of the hard work I have done.
I know that the key is moderation, but once I start eating bad food, I just can't stop myself until there is none left.

So my question is: How can I control the amount of junk food that I eat? I want to be able to maintain this weight loss, and possibly lose more weight.